KLS Toolbox - Project hours


Do you want to track the hours spent on your projects/activities? This management tool allows you to track the hours spent on your projects. Ideal for a site/project manager, it will allow to :

  • Define at the beginning of the project the theoretical hours and the average cost
  • Enter daily clockings by monthly period with useful information: company, work, nature of the tasks, type of hours, etc.
  • Provide an overview of the actual hours per job/task and the average cost to the Project Manager (e.g. Works Manager and/or Site Manager)
  • Justify the differences between actual and theoretical hours per period
  • Provide Payroll with an extraction of the monthly hours to be paid per project with the relevant information: Name/First name, Normal hours, Overtime, ...

This tool can be customised according to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact our teams.

Please note: We recommend using Microsoft Excel for optimal performance.

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