Business Plan

The business plan is an essential and fundamental exercise when you are in the process of creating or taking over a business.

Beyond the mandatory aspect of obtaining external financing and often even finding a chartered accountant, it is an interesting exercise for you.

Business plan

Why do a business plan?

It allows you to start testing the solidity of your project, in fact once we have passed the phase where we are convinced that we have the idea of the century, that we have the thing! it is time to put it all down on paper in a synthetic and rigorous way:

  • To give a overall vision of its project Name of the company, nature of the activity, type of market, target...
  • Talking about the management teamand the existing workforce in the context of a takeover: RACI matrix, team values...
  • Talking about your products and/or services marketed Technical and commercial description, marketing methods, sales prices, distribution channels, etc.
  • Making a market research Study the competition, determine the market potential and the development potential...
  • Define your business strategy prices, products and services, distribution, promotions...
  • Define your marketing strategy and communication How to make your company known, what are the channels...

Building your " business model The "business plan" with its pessimistic and optimistic turnover forecasts, the financing plan with details of needs and resources, the simulation of a profit and loss account, the creation of a cash flow forecast table...

Once you have done this, you will have a better idea of the soundness of your project. All you have to do is find the legal form and Financing if necessary.

This exercise requires some knowledge in the financial field, do not hesitate to call on the consultants of our firm of business consultancy.

You can also obtain a business plan template by click here.

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