My Econtroller

Data visualization for better management

Use your FEC accounting data in 100%

Based on accounting data (FEC), our solution MyEcontroller meets your needs for more reliable, structured, fast and modern financial management.

Whether you are a certified public accountanta company director or a independent consultant, My Econtroller is designed to meet your requirements in terms of productivity and data reliability.

You'll have your own indicators and dashboards to help you save time in your decision-making: profitability, balance sheet, cash flow, data mining, reliable indicators, automatic intelligent analysis, etc.

MyEcontroller frees you from complex parameter settings: 

  • Step 1 Submit your financial data (FEC) on the platform

MyEcontroller takes care of ingesting, cleaning, qualifying and modelling.

  • Step 2 Access your data via any BI tool: Power BI, Tableau Software, Google data studio, etc.
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