Don't just do 'management', revolutionise it!

XTEP advises you and implements management tools

Like all managers, you mobilise all your energy, resources and skills with the aim of developing and sustaining your business.

Whether it's about turnover or performance, you need to define your objectives and know your main steering indicators.

Will my projected budget be respected? What is your profitability? How can I analyse the margins? How is my cash flow? How is my payroll doing? What are the hidden costs of my organisation? How can I outsource the monitoring and analysis of my key KPIs?

My Econtroller

Revolutionize your management with our integrated and encrypted web platform allowing you to upload your multiple flat files or your FEC and retrieve your customised Dashboards and Financial Analyses.

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KLS Toolbox

You will never see Excel in the same way again! With the ToolBox management tools our aim is to provide you with operational templates and adapted for a business start-up or for the management of a small structure.

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