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Musicstart the digital solution to protect your works

Musicstart was created by SACEM, the Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers. This new solution was launched in early summer 2022 to be the first service for the protection of works 100% digital dedicated to music. So, as we have a singer-songwriter in our team, it was only natural to look at it to give our feedback, some of our skills, our curiosity and above all our taste for the substance and form of innovative solutions. Here is Musicstart !

Who is the SACEM?

Before saying a little more about this brand new solution, are you familiar with the SACEM? Well, it was created in 1851 and today represents the vast majority of the musical repertoire.

In short, its main mission is to manage the collection and distribution of the rights that are due to the authors, composers and music publishers who are the so-called members. It therefore ensures this collection and distribution, whatever the medium: phono, digital, event-based, etc.

What is Musicstart?

In less than 2 minutesMusicstart allows songwriters, beginners and experts, who are not necessarily members of Sacem, to create prior art at any stage of its creation even if it's not finished: demo, extract, riff, scores, lyrics!

So imagine, you are not registered with SACEM and you can now protect your musical creation through blockchain technology in a secure and transparent way at a really affordable cost.

What are the advantages of Musicstart?

✅ Thanks to a very quick and easy 100% onlineIt is very simple with just a few clicks and, above all, paperless

✅ A certificate valid for life and registered in a #blockchain to prove that you are the rights holder with all the information about your work, completed or not
✅ A choice between two formulas monthly and without obligation that is tailored to your needs as a designer at a very affordable price:

Formula 1 Protect your scores and/or lyrics in PDF, JPG, GIF or PNG format (4.5Mb max) or TXT (250Kb max).

Formula 2 Protect your MP3 or OGG format audio files (4.5Mb max).

✅ The guarantee of a reference and trusted partner because Sacem has been defending French copyright management since 1851 and has taken the digital step to become even more modern by 2022

Who is Musicstart for?

When you are a music creator, the holy grail is to be registered with SACEM to protect your work. You never know what the future will bring. And to get your royalties, it is the best solution.

If you wish to firstly, protect your creations well, that's where something was missing, an alternative to start the adventure! The innovation teams then consulted and interviewed a large panel of songwriters and composers who are not members of SACEM: bedroom music producers, self-produced independent groups, solo artists, etc. in different musical styles: songs, rap, electro, pop, jazz, rock, etc.

It is for them that Musicstart was created with a simple and fast solution to protect their musical creations.

So if you're curious, go now discover the beta version of Musicstart : https://www.musicstart.com/fr/

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